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Black Cat
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Black Cat

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This slime is a super addictive dough- like textured slime. It is a black puffy butter slime that is super inflating. It is scented like toasted marshmallows and has gold foil for you to mix in.

Some FAQ'S:

- Remember to always securely close your container so your slime doesn't dry out!
- None of our products are edible. Keep away from small children and/or pets.
- All orders of slime/come with a packet of activator. 
- If slime arrives sticky due to weather, add the packet of activator to a bottle of warm water and shake it up! Slowly add drops of the solution into the slime to ensure it does not get over activated. Personally, I dip my fingers into the solution then play with the slime to slowly add the activator. Continue adding activator until you achieve your desired texture. Little children or "slime beginners" may want to lotion hands before playing with slime as it will make the slime not stick to their hands. :) 

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